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Get Libaas is one of the easiest ways to shop for Indian and Pakistani Designer brands, Abayas, Dishdashas, Hijabs and Hijab Accessories.

Our store will be up and running in December 2016! We are very excited! 

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Hadiqa Kiani Flora Lawn Kurti Tunic Collection 2016 FC-K-004A - SMALL

Flora Kurti - Multi color -100% GENUINE
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Hadiqa Kiani Flora Lawn Kurti Tunic Collection 2016 FC-K-004B

Flora Kurti - Green/Multicolor -100% GENUINE
Call for pricing

Square Hijab / Scarf - Item 002

Printed Square Hijab / Scarf Color - Dark Violet Base

Maria B Mbroidered Luxury Chiffon Collection BD02

Get Libaas store opens December 2016! -Thursday, November 24, 2016
The Clock is ticking! The time is getting closer. I will reveal the results of months of my hard work very very soon! GetLibaas store opens in December 2016! Please bookmark our store! Signup to our newsletter for updates!