About us

The name is Get Libaas!

While growing up, our Ammi (mom) dressed us in the best of clothes. We siblings (two sisters) were always appreciated amongst friends and family for being very well dressed. Personally, after moving to the Middle East in early 2002, it was quite a struggle in maintaining the balance between dressing up into finest attires and scuffling with limited resources. After moving to North America, the struggle only got stronger and we came across many other ladies who went through the same trouble. There were Pakistani suits available in the local stores and home based businesses, but they did not meet our expectations and were overly priced.
Thats the main reason, getlibaas.com was found. We are a close knit cool team who are passionate about what we do. We bring to you the finest selection of Pakistani Dresses, Abayas, Dishdashas, Hijabs, Hijab Accessories etc. Our prices are very affordable because we don’t believe in overpricing the items. Our sincere efforts are towards delivering superior quality yet affordable products in the easiest possible manner to your doorstep.
Shop from anywhere around the world. Shop even while wearing your PJs, but the only catch is that you need to have an access to a computer, tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection and yes, you might certainly not want to forget your credit card! 
We welcome both Wholesale and Retail enquiries.
Feel free to reach us at sales@getlibaas.com or whatsapp at +17787862009
Thank you
Get Libaas Team.